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Woman Brings Dead Man To Bank: Check Complete Incident Details!

In this article, we exposed a Woman Brings Dead Man To Bank and more about the Woman Brings Dead Uncle to Bank video content.

A Brazilian woman brought the dead man in the wheelchair to the bank to sign a loan, and she was arrested. The senior citizen, Paulo Roberto Braga, aged 68, had passed away a few hours before the incident. The incident shocked Canada and the United States peoples and became controversial. Erika Vieira Nunes brought the dead man, who used a wheelchair, into the bank and asked him to sign into a bank.

Woman Brings Dead Man to a Bank  

Erika Vieira Nunes, the woman,  brought the older man who had been dead for a few hours into the bank and asked him to sign the papers to obtain a loan. She was arrested for endeavoring to get a bank loan using a departed man’s sign. The incident happened in a Rio suburb on 17th April 2024. 

Erika Vieira Nunes brought the dead man, who used a wheelchair, into the bank and asked him to sign into a bank. Then she claimed he was her living uncle who needed to take out a loan. Bank employees at the bank in Rio de Janeiro grew suspicious during the 16th April 2024 incident and informed the police. She arrested Erika de Sousa Vieira Nunes. 

A video widely shared on social media supposedly shows the woman pushing a wheelchair with the corpse. She addressed the dead man while holding his body up and moving his limbs to sign a document. Detectives said they are trying to regulate if Nunes is related to the dead.

Woman Brings Dead Uncle to Bank

Woman Brings Dead Uncle to Bank
Woman Brings Dead Uncle to Bank

A Brazilian woman was under arrest for attempting to get a bank loan using the signature of a dead 68-year-old man. The woman took the older man in a wheelchair to the bank. According to the police report, the incident took place in a Rio suburb on Tuesday.

Erika Vieira Nunes, the Brazilian woman, wheeled the man. He had been dead for hours in the bank and loomed the teller. She said the man, whom she claimed to be her uncle. He wanted to secure a loan for 17,000 reais, which was approximately Rs 2.71 lakh. She detained a pen and moved the man’s hand forward, but the older man did not respond.

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Rio suburb CCTV Footage

People at the bank were worried by the pale look of the man and the doubtful behaviour of the woman. She began filming the incident and called emergency services and the police.

In the video footage of the incident, the woman is holding up the head of the dead pensioner and urging him to sign the paper. Despite the consistent impossibility of her appeal, she persists, even placing a pen between the older man’s fingers in an ineffective attempt to get his signature. The situation unfolds; she is opposed by a bank worker who expresses anxiety about the man’s well-being, to which she contemptuously responds that he is like that. 

Rio suburb CCTV Footage
Rio suburb CCTV Footage

Was the Brazilian woman arrested?

In an attempt to coax a response, Nunes, the Brazilian lady, was heard saying in security footage, Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign. 

She said to that older man. If you’re not okay, I’m going to take you to the hospital. Nunes was heard saying in the CCTV footage. When asked about his pale face, she responded by saying he was not well.

However, the bank worker became distrustful when the man’s head kept falling back while Nunes was immobile holding it. They called the police immediately, who arrived at the bank and arrested Nunes for fraud charges. The body was then taken to the mortuary for further examination.

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