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Jolanta Gontarczyk Wiki:- Jolanta Gontarczyk is the head of Danuta Waniek’s parliamentary office and holds a PhD in human science. She is additionally the VP of the Popularity based Association of Ladies. Under the subject “Clean ladies in the European Association,” a gathering supported by the Ladies’ Advancement Community Establishment will happen in Warsaw on November 6 and 7, 2002. Its motivation is to talk about the current situation for Clean ladies and their possibilities following their country’s entrance into the EU.

Jolanta Gontarczyk Wiki

Dr. Jolanta Gontarczyk Wiki, Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Individual from the Committee of the Mazowsze Area. brought into the world in ód on October 18, 1949) is a humanist who has been an understudy there starting around 1968 and is an individual from the SLD. She was doled out the code name “Panna” in 1977 when she enlisted as a mysterious SB partner.

She and her significant other, Andrzej Gontarczyk TW, were subsequently taken over by Division I of the Service of Interior Undertakings (PRL knowledge). Jolanta and Andrzej Gontarczyk took part in the disentangling and breakdown of Clean freedom bunches in Germany during the 1980s, with a specific accentuation on the gathering Christian Individuals’ Freedom Administration.


Brought into the world in 1949. Girl of Julian Lange (in 1948 he changed his name to Pławski). She got a PhD degree in humanism. She turned into an associate teacher at the Educator Preparing Establishment in Łódź. She distributed in the field of schooling in the socio-social week after week “Odgłas”. She joined the Fortitude development in Łódź.


Jolanta Gontarczyk’s Dad Franciszek Blachnicki established the Christian Nation’s Freedom Association. The Foundation of Public Recognition supervised the investigation into Blachnicki’s passing from 2001 to 2005.

The Gontarczyks were the last people to see Blachnicki alive in 1987, as per the examination’s discoveries, and they left West Germany the following day under danger of capture from West German counterintelligence. helping to establish individual from the Majority rule Association of Ladies and SLD in 1990.

Leszek Mill operator’s organization selected an emissary to battle defilement. In 2004 and 2005, she filled in as head of the Service of the Inside’s Branch of Policy management prior to being removed in light of grievances from the Munich Clean populace.

SB Specialist In The Service Of Inside And Organization

During the 1980s, Jolanta Gontarczyk, a long-lasting SLD dissident and representative top of the Division of Policy implementation at the Service of Inside and Organization, worked for the SB. She was purportedly fighting the Congregation and destroying the Clean diaspora in Germany, as per activists.

“Wprost” Gontarczyk recognizes that I worked with Individuals’ Republic of Poland’s organizations. The organizer behind the desert garden development, Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki, was supposedly designated by Gontarczyk, as per Jacek Kowalski and Bogdan Urek of Radio Free Europe.

Dr. Ewa Kusz, an emissary for Fr. Blachnicki’s family, mentioned that the Establishment of Public Recognition translate the codenames utilized by the SB specialists investigating the cleric.


Her significant other was Andrzej Gontarczyk, chief of the Film Circulation Organization, in 1981 director of the “Gdynia” and “Wisła” films in Łódź. In September 1982, the two of them left for the Government Republic of Germany (as a feature of the purported family reunification, as a relative of Jolanta Gontarczyk lived there) and got German citizenship. In 1984, they joined the Christian Help for the Freedom of Countries working in Carlsberg, drove by Fr. Franciszek Blachnicki.

Total assets

Jolanta Gontarczyk’s total assets is inaccessible.

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Q.1 Who is Jolanta Gontarczyk?

Ans. Jolanta Gontarczyk is an Individual from the Gathering of the Mazowsze District.

Q.2 Is Jolanta hitched?

Ans. Indeed.

Q.3 What is the total assets of Jolanta?

Ans. Not accessible

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